Sunday, January 30, 2011

iShine Tween Boy's Bible Review

iShine NLT Bible
(Tween Boy Edition)

I was pleasantly surprised when the iShine Bible (boy’s edition) arrived. What a cool looking Bible! This is especially important because this Bible is made with tweens in mind. My youngest son, age 11, was excited as well. The cover feels like leather, is dark blue and has a “cool” young man on the front with a guitar in his hands. The cover just screams pre-teen to me.

Measuring at approximately 4.5 X 6.5 X 1, this Bible fits comfortably in the hand, can be carried around easily, and could be slipped into a backpack taking up little room, but providing plenty of comfort.

The Bible edition is New Living Translation (NLT) making it easily understood by the tween reader. Of course, the majority of the content is exactly what one would expect. After all, it’s a Bible! The print is quite small – I wouldn’t choose to read this copy with my old lady eyes, but my young man has no problems reading the smaller print.

In addition to the Old and New Testament, there are three sections: 1. You have Value, 2. You have a unique Identity in Christ, and 3. You have a Purpose to fulfill. Each section helps the tween understand that to God he is a VIP. The sections are incorporated with thicker paper and standout design/text making them easy to access. They include encouragement written at a tween’s level along with scripture to follow up what is being said. The most important aspect of these sections is they show how relevant the Bible is to each and every person yesterday, today and in the future. Sometimes relevance is where people get stuck – helping youth understand that this isn’t archaic jargon, but a guidebook for living is important.

Additional links are provided so that the tween who wants to explore more can get online and visit the iShine web site.

While my son already has a Bible, this one looks and feels like his own. It’s not mom’s or dad’s Bible – it was made for him. We’ll use this Bible in our homeschool studies as he learns that he was made by God as a special VIP for His kingdom.

*** I was given a copy of this Bible free by Tyndale for my honest review.

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