Friday, November 26, 2010

Giving Black Friday a Second Chance

It’s Black Friday – my day to stay at home and decorate the house for Christmas. Or, so I thought. My daughter, who is home from college, wanted me to go to Target with her at 4am. Normally, I would veto the idea of anything at 4am in a New York minute. However, I don’t get to spend much time with her now that she’s away. So…

Yep, we went. She shopped the night away with a friend, then came back for me at 4. We really thought that our Target wouldn’t be that bad as we’re out of the way and not really close to much else retail. Wrong!

The line, when we got there, was all the way from the front door down the side of the Target to the end of the parking lot, hard left, and then down the parking lot to the end. We were astonished. Doors opened, people moved, and in we went. They had carts situated throughout the store so that everyone didn’t grab them at the front. They actually had a large stock of everything on sale! I was so impressed. People were getting what they came there for without running, without throwing elbows, without frustration.

We meandered through the store not having a dog in the fight – we were just there to check it out. Yes, I thought I was done with shopping, but… I’m a sucker for a half price sale – this is especially true when it’s something I know the kids will love, and it’s Christmas.

So, I spent money. Not a ton given the value of what I bought, but more than I would have had I stayed in bed. No regrets, though. It was fun and the kids will love their gifts.

Now, I’m up. The sojourn took all of an hour and a half. Back to bed, slept in a little, had leftover fruit salad for breakfast and now it’s time to think about decorating. So ready to get this party started…

The 4am Target run may become a tradition if it’s always this pleasant… I’ll just have to adjust my budget accordingly!

God bless to all!

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