Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tis the Season to Think about my Holiday Cards...

Yes!  November is here!

I know you all already know how excited I am to “officially” be into the holidays! From November 1st all the way until Christmas Day, I am in holiday mode!

One of the first things I start thinking about is my Christmas cards. It’s time to make sure all my addresses are current, to make sure I have addresses for new friends, and to check the list (yes, check it twice) to make sure we won’t forget anyone.

Choosing the perfect Christmas card is not a task I take lightly. Do we include a picture? Should I write a newsletter telling everyone what’s been going on? Would a store bought card do the trick or should it be personalized?

This year, I get to participate as a blogger in Shutterfly’s holiday card promotion. How exciting is that? Shutterfly offers 748 different Christmas cards to choose from! Don’t believe me – take a look… In addition to that, they even carry cards for Thanksgiving. I hadn’t thought about Thanksgiving cards, but what a great way to tell others that they are one of the blessings you are thankful for? I may have to put that on my agenda for next year!

My favorite section, however, are the Christian Christmas cards. It’s always important to us as a family to honor the Reason for the Season as we reach out to friends and family both close by and far away. Without Christ, the season would have no meaning.

These are the three that we’re considering (with our family pictured, of course! Lol) Which one would you vote for?

Option 1 - This is nice because of the statement and room for one family pic

Option 2 - This one give us more room for pics and focuses on family

Option 3 - Love the message and the cool blue focus on the tranquility of the blessed night

Help me decide - which one do you like best?  Leave me a comment with your favorite... 

The coolest thing? Shutterfly is offering 20% off all holiday cards just go here - .

However you celebrate the holidays, may God Bless You All this holiday season and always! Let the holidays begin!

**** Shutterfly compensated me for this honest review…

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  1. I think option #2 is my favorite, but I'd have a hard time deciding too. lol!


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