Tuesday, March 8, 2011

31 Days of Power Review

31 Days of Power: Learning to Live in Spiritual Victory

Authors:  Ruth Myers with Warren Myers

I chose 31 Days of Power: Learning to Live in Spiritual Victory with the hopes of spending thirty-one days really learning about spiritual warfare through scripture. Setting my expectations as such, I was surprised when the book arrived and the days are each filled with prayer and scripture reference but no real devotional content.

While the prayers are certainly uplifting, I found them to be a little like listening in on other’s prayer rather than learning to use scripture myself.   I also found it unappealing that the scripture is simply referenced and not written out.

The book also contains a second section that covers what spiritual warfare is and how the Bible describes the attacks by Satan. I was a little surprised to read that all attacks are sanctioned by God. The author, of course, references Job as an example. While I see her point, I’m not sure I believe that fully. I do, however, believe that all events are used by God for his purposes. The rest of the content is a good basic guide for Satan's role on Earth and his downfall in the coming times.  Myers does a good job of illustrating how attacks are launched and what we are called upon to do to keep the Lord and his Word tucked away in our hearts.

Marketed differently, this book would offer a person seeking daily prayer and insight into spiritual warfare a good resource. However, marketed as a devotional, it falls short. Perhaps weaving the two sections of the book together instead of maintaining separation would have met this need.

*** I received this book free from Blogging for Books in exchange for my honest review.

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