Thursday, March 17, 2011

We Be Big - Review

We Be Big: The Mostly True Story of How Two Kids from Calhoun County, Alabama, Became Rick and Bubba

Rick Burgess, Bill Bussey and Don Keith

I was looking to read something different. Not fiction, but fun, more breadth than depth. We Be Big sounded like just the ticket. Whoever Rick and Bubba were, they certainly didn’t take themselves too seriously.

I really enjoyed this book! I didn’t get exactly what I was looking for – there was depth and breadth, but I’m definitely not complaining. In fact, I wish I was able to listen to Rick and Bubba on the radio. Of course, it’d have to be their last hour or so. I don’t do 6:00am, and they do the morning show.

What I liked most was that their personalities permeate each and every page. They are a couple of average guys with a love for radio who decided the key to their success was to “keep it real.” And, real it is! Whether it is a funny anecdote about trying to get free food from listeners, or their background story about how they got to where they are, or sharing terrible tragedy, these two self-proclaimed “fat men” keep it real.

What one wouldn’t expect is their dedication to their faith. Not that funny and Christian don’t go together, but often fame and faith aren’t found in the same venue. Keeping it real means making sure they share their deep faith along with their love of fried chicken, tennis or hunting. They are unapologetically Christian and clearly conservative, but their approach through humor makes even those on the opposing bench like these guys. As they note, they aren’t stuffing it down anybody’s throat, but they also aren’t hiding it away because that would feel dishonest to them and their audience.

If you’re looking for some engaging reading outside the “norm”, an affirmation that faith and life aren’t two separate things, and some very interesting marketing tips, then I’d encourage you to pick up this book. I’m packing it in the hubby’s suitcase for his next business trip – I think he’ll really enjoy it as well.

*** I was given a free copy of this book by BookSneeze for my honest review.


  1. April -

    Stopping by from TOS crew and pleased to be following your blog via GFC.

    From the title of this book I wouldn't have had the slightest interest in reading it, but...after reading your review it sounds entertaining without being completely brainless. =)

    For the record - I don't do 6 a.m. either, unless it's because I'm still up. lol


  2. Hi Penny,

    I thought I'd just give it a chance. After reading the back, it sounded funny, but I was skeptical. What a suprise to really like it as much as I did! Just goes to show, sometimes you gotta give things a chance. :-)



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