Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog Cruise - Tackling Tough Subjects

This week, the Homeschool Blog Cruise asks us how we plan teach the challenging and advanced subjects if we struggle with them ourselves?

We haven’t hit this point yet. High school starts for us next year. We’re very excited to enter this new phase of homeschooling, but I do realize that there will be times when even the collective efforts of myself and my husband won’t be enough for some of the tougher subjects.

I, for example, am not a big math fan. Thus, Algebra II, Pre/Calculus, Chemistry and Physics scare me a little. Fortunately, my hubby has a math brain, but he hasn’t tackled those subjects in years either. So, how are we going to handle them?

Plan A

We are members of a WONDERFUL co-op. There are many bright ladies who teach these subjects wonderfully. Some will be graduating their students and moving on before mine are old enough, so I am praying that others will come in that can fill their shoes. Having a co-op that attracts homeschooling parents with expertise in these areas has been such a blessing.

Plan B

Hopefully the dual enrollment option for the community colleges won’t go away completely by the time we get to these courses. I can see having my boys take physics or calculus at the local community college and benefit not only from the instruction but the availability of tutoring. I’d be happy to pay full price for the classes if this option does go away. I know the community colleges have a policy for allowing younger students if they can prove aptitude.

Plan C

Learn it with them. If all else fails, we’ll take the class together. I have confidence that with my student, myself and my husband all working through the course together, we can be successful. Goodness knows there are TONS of resources available to help us if we need it. I think my approach would be to take the course myself over the summer and then retake the course with my student.

What have you done when courses are beyond your expertise? How do you plan to approach those hard to teach classes?

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