Wednesday, March 2, 2011

God in the Garage

My oldest son has decided to pursue Automotive Technology in college. He’ll start in August. This is a good choice for him as he is very hand’s on and doesn’t really like academics. He’ll have the opportunity to spend half his time in the classroom learning from the instructors and working in the labs on campus, and the other half of the time is spent on “real-world” application in a garage. It’s called an earn and learn program.

The only issue with him choosing this avenue is that he doesn’t have a lot of experience working on cars. He has the drive, but not much experience. He can do brakes, change oil, and rotate tires, but beyond that he has relatively little experience. So, while the earn and learn program sounds good, I was worried that he’d be a little behind the other students who have more experience.

Enter God. Well, God’s always been there of course, but He showed His presence in a mighty way. My son has been pursing job opportunities since graduating early from public high school in January. He didn’t like high school at all. We thought the early graduation would work and allow him to take twelve credits at the local community college to supplement what he’ll need in his automotive program starting in August. Three of those classes fell through due to lack of enrollment. We were discouraged. He’s taking one online class – Art Appreciation. Urgh! Needless to say, he doesn’t appreciate this opportunity much.

However, I mentioned God, right? Well, God has a plan. He knew the four classes wouldn’t be good for my son while he was working almost full time in a GARAGE! Yes, my son got a job working in a garage almost full time where he’ll be learning the ropes. Praises abound! The men who own the shop will be teaching him all about cars while he works there. He’s going to start in August with plenty of experience! I’m so excited for him! Additionally, the shop is willing to sponsor him while he’s in school – so he’s got the “earn” part of learn already taken care of.

God is taking care of things. Why am I surprised? Because I need more faith, that’s why! I’m learning, God. I truly am!

Dear Lord,

Thank you so much for taking care of my son, for finding him just the right opportunity to allow him to mature and grow in the field he has chosen. I pray that the people mentoring him will know you or come to know you through him. I pray they will be positive mentors on his walk to adulthood. I am sorry Lord for my lack of faith – I do know that it is through You that all things are possible.

I praise You and thank You!



  1. Love it! Wonderful Wonderful Wonderful!

  2. I have goosebumps all over - He totally thrills me!

    I have something I have been praying for in particular for one of my sons. Thank you for sharing this inspiring story today; it has filled my prayer sails with fresh wind.


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