Friday, October 7, 2011

Baby Girl Turns 21

I can't believe it!  21 years!  How did this happen?  I know; you'd think I'd stop being stunned that my kids are growing up, but it happens so fast! 

She's 21, working full time, and heading back off to college in the Spring.  The house will be emptier, albeit quieter.  :-)

She's a beauty who's really coming into herself lately.  Hard to believe she's graced my life for over two decades.  I'm so blessed!

Heavenly Father, Thank you for my baby girl.  Please hold her and keep her close to you.  Guide her on a path that is pleasing to you.  Bring friends into her life that will bless her and allow her to bless them.  In Your name I pray...  Amen

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  1. She's so pretty (like her mom). Wish we could freeze time. It all goes too fast.


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