Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Let Him be a Man

As you all know, my oldest son moved out two weeks ago.  I miss him.  He’s working hard, 40-50 hours per week, and enjoying his new apartment.  He’s still adjusting.  One thing he’s adjusting to is living on a budget.  Since he’s just gotten the job, the paychecks haven’t started rolling in yet.  He called the other day to ask me to check the balance in his checking account and it was $12.  He wanted to go buy food.  His savings had $24 – so, $36 dollars for one week’s worth of food.  Yikes!

I looked at my husband and he shook his head.  Let him be a man!  I explained that he didn’t need to starve to be a man.  Big Chalupa, as my oldest son calls my husband, decided we could bring him groceries, but we weren’t going to give him money.  Fair enough.

Arriving with copious amounts of quick fix foods to hold him over for a week, I was shown the finger he cut deeply about a week ago.  Ouch!  I immediately went for the first aid kit I’d given him to grab Neosporin and Band-Aids.  The hubby stopped me – let him be a man.  He doesn’t need his mom bandaging his finger.  Sigh.  Ok.

We took him to dinner, and I wanted to walk him to the door.  It’s hard to leave him behind even though I know we really aren’t.  Again, the hubby, give him a quick hug and let him go.  Let him be a man.

I’m not ready for my baby boy to be a man, I guess.  But, that doesn’t mean I get to stop him from growing up.  I know that’s why he wanted to move to his own place because he wants to be a man, not mom’s little boy.  I have to admire that and am so proud of him for working hard and accomplishing his goals. 

I guess I have to let go and let God – then I can let him be a man.  But, if he ever needs me, I’m there!  Why do they have to grow up???


  1. HUGS. I know! Just when you get used to them...and life is in a nice stride...change...sigh.:)
    I still miss watching my Andrew play Zelda--that image from him at 7 years old is stuck in my mind...but he's 24 now:)

  2. Heather, Thank you! Ah, Zelda, that makes my heart ache. I'm not handing this whole growing up thing well. :-( Glad to have friends like you who've been there to comiserate with. :-)



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