Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Probiotics Update

As promised, it's been two weeks and I'm posting an update.  (To see my initial posting - click here.)  I have faithfully taken the Member's Mark 4X Probiotic Digestive Care Supplement found at Sam's Club for two weeks.  My goal was to see if taking a probiotic helped my stomach and digestive system become more balanced and less irritable.

While I can't state anything conclusive, I can say my digestive system has been behaving better even through some very stressful events in our household.  I had noticed that I was feeling this odd bubbling sensation right below my right rib cage in the area of my gall bladder.  That has since stopped during this two weeks.  There's no official connection as it could just be coincidence; however, I felt like it was worth noting.

I've begun amping up my exercise with some basic running and additional taekwondo classes.  I feel good adding the probiotic supplement as digestion is one area that can create discomfort and hamper activity.

I do notice that when I eat healthy my system feels better than when I eat unhealthy or fatty foods.  I'm not sure how the probiotic plays into this either, but my digestive system seeks to quickly eliminate any unhealthy foods since I've been taking the pills.  It seems to me that that's how the body should work - eliminate waste and hold onto nutrition. 

Another note a comment prompted me to add is that I haven't felt bloated lately.  I HATE feeling bloated.  It's so uncomfortable.  I've tried diuretics and pills for gas to help reduce this issue to no avail.  Not sure why I didn't think to mention it as this has been a big benefit in my book!

All in all - I'm glad I was able to try this out.  I have a twelve week supply and will continue to take this probiotic supplement. 

Do you take a probiotic?  How has it helped you?  What other ways do you seek to improve your digestive health?

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  1. I take probiotics on and off. The best ones I've ever taken were by Metagenics. They were recommended by a naturopathic physician. It's powder that you mix with distilled water and drink a few times a day. After I quit going to that doctor I got them from

    I saw a big difference in bloating and other unpleasant digestive disturbances when I took those and made some pretty dramatic changes in my diet. I need to get back to that!

  2. Hi Bonita,

    I'm glad to be trying these out. Bloating hasn't been a problem lately either - I should mention that. I need a more homeopathic approach to health... Glad to hear they work for you too!


  3. I acquired kefir grains from another homeschooling Mom and that is my probiotic of choice. I enjoy blending it with fruit and stevia for a smoothie. We've been a bit off the wagon lately, so this is an excellent prompt for me to whip out the ol' Vitamix again!

    You can check out the difference here:

    Even my husband (the skeptic) has been completely won over by the benefits of raw milk and kefir. He's the one in our family with digestive issues.

    Give it a try!

    God's peace,


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