Friday, October 21, 2011

Review - Say Anything Family Edition

Say Anything – Family Edition

Northstar Games

Cost: $24.95

My family enjoys playing board games.  It’s one way we can all come together and spend time with one another.  We really enjoy interactive games as opposed to those where each person is taking a turn while the others wait.
Say Anything is one of those games.  The setup is simple – everyone gets a small dry erase board and pen.  One person reads a question off of the provided deck of cards starting with “In my opinion…” and the rest respond by writing down what they think the answer is. 

For example, “In my opinion, What’s the best way to waste time?”  Answers can run the gambit from serious to funny.  One thing we did find is that we know each other pretty well – on several occasions, two or three of us would have the same answer. 

Once everyone has written down their answer and revealed it, the card reader must secretly choose the one he likes best.  Everyone votes on which answer they think he/she will pick.  Each player gets two tokens to place on the answer/answers he thinks will be picked.  Then the winning answer is revealed.

Points are allocated by the following
  1. 1 point for each player token placed on the right answer
  2. Player who wrote the winning answer gets a point
  3. Judge gets one point for each token placed on the answer selected
There are a maximum of three points that can be earned each round.  Game play ends when each player has been the card reader twice.
We did get a little confused with the points, but keeping the instructions nearby was an easy fix for that.
Not only is this a fun game for family, but it’s a great game for friends or as an ice breaker.  It lets you get to know that person a little better.  My teens have teen game nights each month – I’m going to send this game with them as I’m sure their peer group will have a ball coming up with answers to these questions.
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*** I received this game free of charge as a member of the TOS Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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