Sunday, October 2, 2011

Slim Down Sunday Meme - Week 12

Heartfelt HomeschoolingWhether you want to lose lose weight, get fit, eat healthier or all of the above – it always helps to have support from those around you.

Goal – (Revised) Run in a 5K  
Pounds Lost (Week 12) – Stopped checking, although, my arms are slimmer.  Interesting...

How it Went This Week:

I've run two of my three days this week.  I plan to run today, but I didn't want to fudge and say I already have.  Note - I PLAN to run today.  I did run Monday and Wednesday.  TKD didn't happen on Tuesday as we had a fundraiser to go to, and, by the time we got home, it was too late.  However, we did close our pool that night, which takes a fair bit of energy.  TKD on Thursday was good.  My older son and I are considering doing TKD four days a week.  That would require me to join Demo team, which would be fun.  I really want to get serious about TKD in preparation for the black belt.

What’s my Plan for next Week:

I WILL run Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  No excuses!  We WILL go to TKD at least twice, and I'll look into joining the Demo Team when the new Demo season starts.  

I will stop eating when I get stressed.  We've had some big stress lately, and my resolve to eat healthy has gone out the window.  When I'm stressed, I perceive dieting as stressful instead of a lifestyle.  

How do you handle stress without falling off the dieting wagon? 

Of course, having the scale move helps too!  My scale didn't move for four weeks along with the stress, so I had one foot dangling off the wagon already.    So much for my iron resolve... lol

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