Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Italian Mac-N-Cheese - Yum!

Thanks to Pam and Smiley 360 for the fun baking kit that arrived a few days ago.  It was unexpected!  I thought I was just getting a Pam coupon!   They sent coupons for a free bottle of spray Pam, free canned tomatoes, a pyrex dish, a spatula and some yummy looking recipes!  Click here to get your fifty cent off coupon.

What else is a girl to do, but try out the recipes.  The Italian Mac-N-Cheese looked amazing, so I gave it a run.  First, Pam to keep all this cheesy goodness from sticking.

Then, Italian crumbs layer over the top of the cooking spray.  I like this part of the recipe - thought this would add a fun crunch!

Then, noodles layered with cheese - Yum!

Finally, an egg and milk mixture over the top and more Italian crumbs.  This looks really really delicious!

One hour bake time and we have a fun, family meal!

Hot out of the oven - doesn't it look amazing!  I wish you could be here to see it!  I'm excited!

A cheesy serving - it all holds together.  I wondered if it would be oozy with all that cheese or if the egg mixture would hold it together.  It holds.

Pam did its job - no sticking despite all the cheese!  That's why I love using Pam!

So, this recipe is AMAZING!  Wow is it good - I'm officially replacing my normal mac-n-cheese recipe with this one.  We didn't include the tomato/basil mixture because the kiddos wouldn't like it, but I have no doubt it would have been a great complement to the other flavors.


***  I received a Pam pack from Smiley 360 in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. Ooh that looks so yummy! I love Mac & Cheese! I really prefer home-made ones rather than the instant ones from the grocery. I'd rather wait for a long time. I also use Hunt's for my pastas!


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