Friday, October 7, 2011

Review - Professor in a Box Principles of Marketing

Professor in a Box - Principles of Marketing
Cost: 119.99 includes shipping

Age: High school

Professor in a Box was one of the reviews I was really hoping to do this year. While the core subjects are extremely important for our homeschooled students, it is the electives that allow them to pursue their interests or try out new concepts. Marketing is all around us, but in the homeschooled setting, there aren’t a lot of options for allowing students to learn about what marketing is and how it is used today.
The author, Julie Pirsch Ph.D., is currently an Assistant Professor in Marketing at Villanova. Come from a collegiate background, the course is structured using a syllabus that outlines the lessons, the grading plan and the structure for approaching the course. I like that she suggests three options that include a traditional college semester approach, a year-long academic format or a summer school format.

In fact, there are several qualities of this curriculum that I really appreciated.

·         The structure of the course is engaging. One thing students don't want to do is wade through chapter after chapter in a dry textbook. This course uses slide-based lecture, online resources, key concepts review and quizzes to help the student understand the discipline.

·         The professor does a good job of using tone inflection to make the presentations interesting.

·         While slides are used for the presentation, the content is expanded upon in the lecture not just read to you. You can view Chapter 1 here.

·         The slides are available in PDF format as well as via the CD so that they can be printed out if your student wants them to reference.

·         Each chapter includes online resources to help expand on the lecture and allow the student to see marketing in the “real world.”

·         Key terms are provided for each chapter enabling the student to learn the vocabulary of marketing along with the theory of marketing.

·         The quizzes really seek in-depth understanding of the material. Upon completion, the student can review the quiz to see what he got wrong and what the correct response was. I would have liked to see an explanation pop up, but reviewing the content would also allow for explanation discovery.

·         After chapters 5, 11 and 19, a complete exam is provided to ensure the student is accumulating knowledge and not simply remembering for the quiz and moving on.

·         The full money back guarantee is generous. If you don’t like the program after three lessons, you can return it for a full refund including shipping. I appreciate companies that stand by their product.

·         Finally, this course prepares students to take the CLEP exam in Marketing should they choose to do so. I’m all about getting college credit for our work

I have enjoyed learning more about marketing using Professor in a Box. I think it's been a good way for my son to learn about marketing and see if this is a field that interests him down the road

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*** I was provided this program free of charge as a member of the Homeschool Crew in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. We are looking into CLEP credits now, so it is encouraging to see that this will help prepare for that, too.


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