Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Redecorating and OCD

New furniture always engages the need for change throughout a home. I already knew that the dining room would have to change colors. That was easy. A couple new paintings and tablecloth, and we’re ready to go.

Of course, the valences must be redone, and if I redo them, then I should probably redo the ones in the study since the windows all run along the face of the house. Time to buy fabric and supplies.

Looking out those windows, I realize that they really need to be cleaned.

But wait! I then notice that there were areas on the base molding that needed a painting touch up. Of course, that leads to all base moldings around the living room and kitchen needing to be done as well.

So now I’ll be up close and personal with the trim and the walls. The trim needs dusting and the walls need scrubbed down.

Well, if I’m moving furniture out of the living room, then I might as well give the wood floors a good scrubbing and polishing, right? But, if I do it there, shouldn’t I do all of them?

Oh, yeah, and the accessories around the living room and dining room really need to be devoid of gold. Time to buy spray paint. That HUGE picture we have needs to move into the living room as well. More spray paint for the frame.

But wait, since I’m doing valences in the dining room and study, maybe I should make decorative pillows for the new couches that coordinate.

Deep breath… That’s enough of a list for now, or is it?

I’m pretty sure the mouse in If you Give a Mouse a Cookie was OCD as well…


  1. Oh How I Can Relate! I do the same thing. One project turns into one hundred! Wishing you the best of luck ... and a little relaxation along the way.

  2. Oh Mama... typical you. :) Always making our house spotless, classy and beautiful. One step at a time.


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