Monday, February 7, 2011

VocabAhead Review


Age:  Upper Middle or High School
Cost:  $12.95

Vocabulary is a very important part of any middle and high school curriculum. While some would say you can leave vocabulary out because they get it through literature, I would disagree. They do learn through literature, but understanding the fundamental definitions of a word are not always gleaned through context clues. Plus, some words have different meanings depending on the context they are in.

That being said, if your child is going to go to college now or in the future, he/she will need a strong vocabulary: first, for the SAT, and second, for college level writing. If he/she is not going to college, to be articulate in any work situation or mission situation, a strong vocabulary is necessary.

VocabAhead is one program that can be used to help your child learn a broad vocabulary. Sure, there are a lot of books and programs out there, but one thing that stood out for me with VocabAhead was their added functionality on their web site.

First, however, let’s look at the book. Ten words are taught at a time with a cartoon representation for visual recollection, a part of speech and definition, sentences, synonyms and antonyms. Each grouping of ten words is followed by a review test.

When you receive the book, (mine was SAT Vocabulary), you also receive a link to get free videos for each word and downloadable MP3S. We did not use the MP3S as we don’t have a player, but did use the videos.

I was amazed at the site! All the words are accessible for free along with videos that coincide with the cartoons used for each word to help the student learn. Parents can create their own lists, or use the ones provided. Additionally, there are online flashcards and quizzes for the student to use to help him/her learn the words.

My son begins his high school journey next year. Our plan is to incorporate study for the SAT through his first three years of high school so that he will be fully prepared to take the test with confidence and get high scores. I will be holding onto this book and have bookmarked the web site to ensure this will be part of his regimen.

***  I received this book free of charge as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew for my honest opinion.

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