Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What Will They Be When They Grow Up?

This week's blog cruise asks: What do your children want to be when they grow up and what are you doing to help them pursue their field of interest?

This is an interesting question as my two children ages 11 and 13 are in the process of trying to figure that out. Clearly, there isn’t a lot of pressure at this point; however, with college expenses rising, it seems appropriate to have some direction before taking on the financial obligations of college.

Most of all is prayer. In addition to that…

For my older son, he’s very anxious about finding his passion. He’s a worrier like his mother. To help him, I have been encouraging him to try all kinds of new activities and see which ones he really enjoys. From there, we work on engaging in more of those activities or finding ways to incorporate some of them into our schooling. I have bought him the book – What Color is My Parachute? (teen version) and he is anxious to read it. We will also take a career survey in a year or two so that he gets a sense of where his talents align with prospective careers.

For my youngest, he loves anything and everything. “Mom, when I own a restaurant, I’m going to…” “Mom, when I have a farm, I’m going to …” “Mom, I’m designing this video game and…” For him, it will be channeling all that creativity into a path. He LOVES computers. If I had to guess right now, I’d say that’s a field he’ll end up in in some capacity. For now, we just encourage him to let that creativity flow. In a few years, we’ll start talking the logistics of his plans and how to get there. Then, he can decide which path appeals…

How are you doing it? Have you used a good career assessment you can recommend?

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