Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Hartz Dog Toys Review

Hartz - Dura Play Ball and Nose Divers Review

Availability - Grocery stores, Pet Stores and Convenience Stores

Hartz is one of my favorite pet brands. They have a wide variety of products that I can count on to be good quality and enjoyed by our pets. We have had a variety of pets over the years - dogs, cats, reptiles, amphibians, rodents and fish.  Hartz has always proven to be a good brand for taking care of our managerie.

I was very excited to be selected to review two pet toys for Hartz. These toys are the Hartz Dura Play Ball and the Hartz Nose Divers. We have a Boston Terrier named Daisy. Her mouth reminds me of a piranha – wide, lots of teeth, and loves to chew. She, too, was very excited to test drive the new toys.

Upon arrival, I presented her with each of them. She didn’t want anything to do with the ball – it was too big for her mouth. However, she was very excited by the nose diving duck. We called in the aid of our friend’s dog, Toby, to take on the challenge of putting the ball through its paces.

First, the Nose Divers duck. The web site says that, “Hartz Nose Divers soft chew toy and nylon tug toy has been designed to provide exceptional durability. Heavy duty cotton rope runs through the entire product to evenly distribute stress from pulling. Ballistic nylon exterior provides enhanced durability for tough chewers.” Daisy IS a tough chewer.

The duck lasted a week. As one would expect – the sewing joints are where she was able to take this toy apart. She still loves it, but the stuffing is beginning to come out. I love that she loves this toy. Younger puppies or older dogs would probably enjoy this toy and have more luck with the durability.

As for the Dura Play Ball – Toby took to it right away. In fact, he sleeps with it. It is a little big, even for his mouth. I believe the larger size is for very large dogs. However, to date, it has been durable and Toby does enjoy playing with it. Personally, I liked the design and feel right away. It’s soft rubber with knobs for the dogs to grab on to.

I can’t say I was surprised that the duck didn’t make it. Daisy has been through many toys in her time. Had we gotten the smaller ball, I feel she would have really enjoyed it. If you have a voracious chewer, I wouldn’t recommend the Nose Divers, but if your dog likes to tug or gnaw, then the Diver is a good product.  The Dura Ball is a well-designed toy.  Dogs of all ages would enjoy playing with it.

*** I received these toys free of charge from Hartz for my honest review.

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