Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sun Stand Still - Review

Sun Stand Still:
What Happens when You Dare to Ask God for the Impossible

Author – Steven Furtick

Elevation Church, where Steven Furtick is pastor, is located not too far from where I live. My son and his girlfriend, along with a dear friend and her family attend Elevation. I have actually attended once myself. When I went, I thought the service was the typical cookie cutter “modern” church venue with loud music, casual attire, video screens and a hip pastor leading the charge. However, I was very impressed with the message that day. It hit home.

Since then, I’ve been intrigued by Sun Stand Still. I was hoping to gain insight into the pastor that has sparked a huge congregation in the Charlotte area. I must say, I was a little skeptical. I’m not sure why – I just was. After reading the book, it is more apparent what the draw is for people to Pastor Furtick. He has a genuine love for God and a charismatic way of showing it.

Sun Stand Still is about praying bold prayers that open you up to living your life for God’s glory much like Joshua prayed when he asked God to stop the sun from setting to complete the victory against the Amorites. A bold, “audacious” prayer indeed. Finding ways to take God’s guidance mold it into willing supplication and take action to follow. This is all done by “reconciling your dreams with God’s desires.”

Pastor Furtick focuses on the scriptural basis for prayer – praying within scripture and for God’s glory, not our own. Additionally, he acknowledges that even the best prayer sometimes comes back with an answer of “no.” Finally, his approach to prayer is refreshing. He encourages us to pray like “Juggernauts” claiming God’s promises without falling back on weak and uncommitted vocabulary. He finishes up with five truths and five steps for praying a Sun Stand Still Prayer.

I read this book in one day – it’s a very easy and engaging read. However, I’m going to go back and read it again. This time taking the time to let the concept of “audacious” prayer sink in. If you’re ready to listen to God’s direction and open yourself up to Him, then I can sincerely suggest reading Sun Stand Still.

***  I received this book free of charge from Multnomah books in exchange for my honest review.

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