Sunday, December 5, 2010

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room - Review

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room

Author: Nancy Guthrie

The book has already been a joy to read this advent season. After reading through the book, I knew it would be a treasure for my family as we celebrate the season of Christmas. We keep it on our dining room table. Each night, we take turns, after eating, reading the advent devotion for that day. It’s a great way to close out our evening as a family remembering Christ and all He has done for us and our world.

Nancy Guthrie does an excellent job of putting into words the gifts that God gives to each of us. His promises, his desire for humans to love and honor Him. As the days progress, Nancy focuses us on the gift of the Christ child and what that meant then and what it means now. Scripture along with explanation and prayer invite us all to give thanks and praise for the One who loved us unconditionally, who came to live with us as a human, died and was resurrected so that we might have an unending relationship with Him.

Closing in prayer is our favorite part. We take a small moment to return to prayer after our meal and thank God again. She includes discussion questions encouraging us to think deeper and discuss our thoughts. Sometimes we use them and sometimes we don’t, but the lesson is always valuable.

I grew up with an advent book that we read each night leading up to Christmas. I’ve never quite found the right book to share that tradition with my family, and we’ve been through several. Nancy’s book is the first that has really reached out and touched us. I feel blessed to have been able to review this book this year. This book would make an excellent gift or a treasure to hang on to and enjoy for many Christmases to come.

The only thing I didn’t like about the book was the very small text. Be sure to have your reading glasses out if you need them.

***  I was given this book free of charge by Tyndale House in exchange for my honest review.

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