Thursday, September 8, 2011

The ABC's Of Me


A – April

 My name. Nothing special, but being a month has its privileges.

B – Blogger

Have been blogging for two years now and loving it. I meet the neatest people this way!

C – Christmas fanatic

I ADORE Christmas - all aspects of it. It can't start too soon - I'm the one happy to see the trees in October. I love the Lord and celebrating His life. I also love giving presents, and baking cookies, and stringing lights, and Christmas music, and shopping with my friends for the perfect gift, and the church Cantata, and, and, and…

D – Dieting

Have been on a diet since July. It's coming along. Also started wogging - can't quite call it jogging yet. I do a Slim Down Sunday meme if you want to link up with me and get encouragement on your weight-loss journey.

E – ECU grad

Earned my BA in Colorado. My MA came from East Carolina University. A Master's was on my bucket list.

F – Mrs. Fix-it

I've learned by trial and error to fix most simple electrical, plumbing, wood working, paint, tile, etc. issues. Love to DIY and save the bucks while learning a new skill.

G – Loves God

God is the center of everything. He is my guiding Light - I just need to let Him lead which is hard for someone who's a bad follower. Don't know how to get through this life without Him.

H – Homeschooler

Have been homeschooling for four years now and loving the ride. My two youngest and I explore academia with a hands-on approach. Just started homeschooling our first year of high school. It goes by so fast!

I – College Instructor

This was on my bucket list too! I've taught at physical locations and online. Love both. Online allows me to be home schooling my two favorite students, so that's my choice for now.

J – Jack-of-many-trades

I've been a Technical Engineer, Marketing Coordinator, Corporate Instructor, Art Teacher (painting), Mural Painter, Lab Coordinator, Middle School Teacher, College Instructor, Technical Writer... And that's just the jobs I've gotten paid for.

K – Four Kids

My babies - 20, 18, 14 and 12!

L – Lifelong Learner

Life is for learning! I can't imagine not learning something new at all times. I think that's why I homeschool - I get to learn right along with the kids. What fun! Already thinking I may need to add a new degree...

M – Mother

My most important and sacred role. Thank you Lord for giving me my four blessings.

N – Nerd

Love technology, have a quirky sense of humor and really dig learning. What can I say - no pocket-protector, but I'm a nerd!

O – Opinionated

Ummm... Read my blog. You'll see...

P – Painter

Nothing like a newly painted room to really make the house shine! I also do murals although I haven't in a looong time. Should break out the brushes and canvas one day soon.

Q – Quick Witted (when awake…)

Sarcasm is in my genetics. It comes fast and furious. Sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes... Well, taking my foot out of my mouth is another skill of mine.

R – Reader/Reviewer

Love to read! I wish I could find a way to read and crochet, read and cook, read and sleep... I need a contraption that lets me read while doing other things. That would be great! I review books, obviously, and anything else they send my way. (see Opinionated above... lol)

 S – Scientist

 Science is the way I see life. From the breakdown of the human anatomy to the molecular makeup of the atmosphere - it's all so fascinating! It takes an amazing creator to bring all this connectivity to the universe.

T – Taekwondo

High green belt at the moment - doing it with my two youngest. We love it! I'm excited to get to blackbelt in about a year. Just need to be able to run that three miles in thirty minutes - hence the wogging...

U – Unusual

I'm not your average mama bear. My kids tell me that all the time. A little quirky or odd maybe, but, I hope, in a good way!

V – Values Friendship

I've been blessed with some amazing friends. They come in and out of life during their seasons, but they are always such a value while they are here.

W – Wife

Married fifteen years now to the man that puts up with me and loves me through it all. He's amazing!

X – eXperiential Learner

I'd rather do it than read about it or hear about it. Experience is what makes memories, builds skills, and creates opportunities.

Y – Yarner

A good friend has taught me to crochet. I wish I could crochet AND read... I said that, didn't I? Anyway, there's something cathartic about taking a string and soon beginning to develop a hat or a scarp or an afghan. I like keeping my hands busy, and there are such pretty yarns out there!

Z – Zealous about Education

Too bad I didn't bring my soapbox or you'd get an earful about the state of education in this country. Education is the ticket to success - why we are falling behind is beyond me! Ok, no soapbox... You get the picture.

VoiceBoks is doing a linkup of the ABC's of Me. What are the ABC's that describe you?


  1. Great post congrats on the Taekwondo!

    Visiting you from voiceBok's

  2. Hi April
    I found your blog on VB. The ABC's were fun to read. I'm a Homeschooling Momma too, it is always fun to find another HS Mom!

  3. Hey! I came over from voiceboks to see this! Looks great! I love Christmas too (I listen to christmas music all year long!) You seem like a really interesting person!

    It'd be awesome if you came to see my ABC's too.

    Oh! And I've become one of your followers.

  4. So cute. I will have to join this ABC's of me. Loved it.

    New follower and fellow homeschooler

    Julie from Just Jules

  5. I love Christmas too! And reading! And painting! What made you decide to homeschool? My husband and I have thought about it for our kids (my oldest doesn't start school until next fall) but I don't know if I could do it.

    Lacey (a fellow sarcastic nerd) :D

  6. Hi April - Love your ABCs. I wish we lived closer cause I would love to have lunch with you and share ideas. I'm following from the members to remember event at VoiceBoks. I'm also a new follower and look forward to reading more of your posts.


  7. Lacey, My two oldest went through the public school system, so I got to see first hand the deficiencies. While the teachers are working hard, their hands are often tied by the testing requirements, large classes, lack of discipline. We just decided that another tact was in order. Homeschooling is not difficult - check around in your area. I was amazed to find tons and tons of resources, groups, curriculum all geared toward making homeschooling successful. You don't have to be a teacher to homeschool your children; you just have to have a passion for their education and a willingness to seek out resources. It's a wonderful journey!


  8. Love your list April (by the way, that's my daughter's name). You sound like a very well rounded person.

  9. Well done! 26 things! How much time did this take you? I don't think I could do something with x and z. Except: 'I love catching zzzz's.'

    Got here from Members to Remember.

  10. Wonderfully written. What a better way to know you more. It's taking me time to write my own ABC's but I'll fix it very soon.

  11. Great post. Thank you for sharing!

  12. I loved your ABC's! Thanks for visiting my blog, 'Charm's Mind'. I really appreciate it.

    I found you on VB.

    I'm now following you! Have a great weekend.


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