Monday, September 12, 2011

Dieting Stinks!!!

I just have to say it.  I'm a baker and a cook at heart.  I love to concoct yummy creations that my family can enjoy.  Dieting takes the wind out of those sails for sure.  I still cook for my family – I still cook yummy things, but it’s hard to put my heart into it when I know it’s all off limits.

The holidays are on the horizon and the mother in me can’t wait to start thinking about sweet potato pies, fruit salad, cornbread dressing all for Thanksgiving followed by baking cookies and sweets for friends and family for Christmas.  Then the diet reminds me that I can eat NONE of it!  Well, I could splurge, but if I’m sticking to my diet it’s all taboo.
Add to that my love of eating out, and dieting really stinks.  I hate looking up the nutrition at my favorite restaurants.  The calories are ridiculous from a dieter’s perspective.  How can you enjoy chicken nachos at your favorite little Mexican restaurant (let alone the flan) or indulge in a lovely dessert after dinner if you know those calories put you over your dieter’s threshold?
Dieting wouldn’t be so bad if it was easier.  If you could eat less and the pounds would just come off, then there’d be a sense of success that makes you feel like the effort is worth the sacrifice.  But, no.  As dieter’s know, those nasty plateaus creep up when you are doing everything right and the scale doesn’t budge.  Seriously?  How unfair is that? 
I don’t want to be overweight.  I don’t like the way I look when I pack on pounds, but I sure do like good food. 

Can you tell I’m at a plateau right now?  I’m actually pretty happy with the way I am looking, but I am living in fear that if I start adding calories back into my diet my thighs will reflect it.  Part of me cares; part of me says, “So What!!!”, at least I’ll be enjoying life instead of living morsel to organic morsel.
I’ll admit the ugly green monster surfaces when I see people with amazing metabolisms that never have to give a thought to what they eat.  I want to scream – “No Fair!”  I know – my life is blessed in so many areas, I should be ashamed. 

I want to be attractive to my husband, someone my kids can be proud of.  I do care about my appearance.  But I have to go on record as saying, Dieting Stinks!!!
Ok, rant over. 

How do you maintain a healthy weight and still enjoy food?


  1. Ah, April. I'm sorry you're struggling. And I do understand. I'm a baker, and IT'S FALL. Apple pies and cakes, gooey chocolate chip cookies, warm zucchini bread......and I'm making none of it. If I bake, I feel entitled to eat it, and then my weight loss stalls, or worse, disappears.

    I just have to keep looking at the big picture--not every day is a day that I want to blow my diet. So if I'm good now, I can go out when my sister visits in Oct. And then be good for a month, and enjoy Thanksgiving--one day will not kill a diet. You get right back on the bandwagon.

    You can do this! I have to keep reminding myself that on a day to day basis, I'm happier having my pants fit, than eating something decadent. I'm happier being healthier.


  2. Amanda, I know you are right. I have to find balance. I can be healthy, keep running and not have to starve myself. I just find the stress of the scale to be overwhelming sometimes. Thanks for the encouragement!



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