Monday, September 19, 2011

Dinner for a Week - Trying Out My New Cookbook

A dear friend sent me two cookbooks recently - Campbell's and Hershey's.  Yum!  I decided I needed to testdrive several of the Campbell's recipes this week.  We've been in an "eat-out" slump with our busy schedules.  I want some home cooking! 

So, here are the recipes I'm going to try out.  Almost all of these can be made using healthy or reduced calorie/fat ingredients, so I'm hoping I can enjoy them right along with the family.  Making two separate dinners is getting old quick!  Additionally, what I love about this cookbook is that most of the ingredients are what I already have on hand!  Yay!  Nothing too fancy or exotic - just normal pantry supplies.  Love it!

I tried to pick a mixture of flavors - chicken, roast beef, pork, etc.  I'm not sure the order I'll cook these in.  It will depend on what we are doing that evening.  Care to try some of these with me?  Each title is a link to the recipe.  Enjoy!


  1. Those look great! I'm glad you get a chance to test-drive something new, certainly helps kick those slumps! It's starting to become more fall-like over here, so if it's the same there I'm especially excited because those look like great 'warm you up for the inside' kind of meals! Have fun!

  2. Hi Cherie,

    Yep, cooling down here. When it's cool, I love to cook and BAKE. Trying to keep from test driving the entire Hershey cookbook. lol



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