Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Sign of Seasonal Change

The leaves are a clear sign of seasonal change, but, around our home, there is another clear indicator - the pool.  In spring/summer, it's alive with kids of all ages.  Beautiful blue and inviting.  In fall/winter, it too must hibernate.  Sleeping until the sun warms the earth and invites the kids to once again take a dip.  Each year we close it (last night we closed it), I see another season of our lives pass.  Next year, my older kids may be moved out, my younger kids will be older with new interests, another year of homeschool will be done and we'll tackle summer once again.

Spring/Summer Fun

Fall/Winter - Time for sleep


  1. Awww..Your poor pool looks lonely without anyone in it! Side note: I would love to have that in my backyard!

  2. Hellooo... We do enjoy the pool; it's been a blessing for us. It is a lot of work, though. There are times I would like to just push it all in. :-)


  3. Oh how I miss summer. WW blog hop. :)

  4. We closed our pool last week. You are so right - it's a sign of another season passing. It's like closing the pool closes the door on summer :(

    Beautiful pictures! I'd love to have an in-ground pool. Someday! Right now we have an above ground with a deck built around it so it's not much different, but still, I'd really love an in-ground!


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