Wednesday, September 14, 2011

TOS Blog Hop - Not Back to School

Crew Blog Hop Welcome to the TOS Crew Blog Hop! This is a chance for the Crew to discuss their approach to homeschooling and learn from one another and you!

Our first Hop discusses how we approach the "Not Back to School" time. This is when we start homeschooling our kids for the year instead of heading back to school.

How you celebrate not going back to school
I wouldn’t say we celebrate not going back to school, but I would say our attitude about kicking off the new year is totally different than when we were in public school.
In the public school years, my focus was more on who their teacher was going to be, where their classroom was, and who was in their class.  I had no control over what they would be learning, what curriculum was used, or how good their teacher was.

Now that we homeschool, our focus is on what we will be learning.  I spend hours combing through curriculum options, bouncing them off the boys, assessing them for learning styles and determining how they fit into flow of our co-op and regular days.  The boys have a say in what they learn and the mode in which they learn it. 

First day not back to school
The first day at public school was all nerves.  They worried about what they were going to wear, if they could find their classes and lockers, who was going to be there (both good and bad) and what bus number to jump on to get home.

Our first day of homeschool is much different.  Dad makes a big breakfast that we all enjoy.  Then they grab their “buckets” from the cabinets and begin setting out their new books for the year.  Prior to this day, I’ve sat down with each of them and discussed what order they want to tackle their subjects and put those in their planners.  After the first week, we reassess the flow and switch things up accordingly.  No nerves, no worrying about clothing, or cliques or bullies or busses.  I won’t say they are jumping for joy for school to start, but it’s definitely a more academically focused start to the year.

What you love about homeschooling
I could write an entire series here.  My top ten reasons I love homeschool:

1.      Choosing their academic curriculum so it fits them personally and best enables them to learn
2.      Working at their pace – faster or slower for real learning
3.      No cliques, bullies, drugs, alcohol, uninterested teachers, etc. etc.
4.      Being with them throughout the day
5.      Experiential field trips
6.      Our co-op where they learn from a teacher in a classroom with like minded peers
7.      Homeschool resources like PE, Honor Society, Gavel Club, Jets
8.      Keeping Christ in our curriculum
9.      Learning right along with them
10.  Discovering their special talents and interests and being able to foster those

What your kids love about homeschooling  ( I asked them)

1. On our own schedule
2. Limited homework – get it done during the day
3. Breaks can be as short or as long as we want
4. Enjoying classes
5. Ability to learn at home
6. Can read with the dog
7. Use devices like computers and IPads
8. Do work on the computer like math
9. No teacher workdays – longer real breaks
10. Activities that let us socialize and have friends
11. More time with family
12. Can snack during class
13. Make your own lunches
14. Can go on exciting trips as fieldtrips
15. Learning languages (German, Latin, Spanish)


  1. My son just got a new dog, and would agree with the doing school with the dog! HA

    Stopping by from the TOS Blog Hop. Already following.

  2. following you from the TOS Hop
    Nice to meet you and your family
    I agree our first day of school is much different than when they were in PS and also the whole year for that matter

  3. I enjoyed reading what your kids like about homeschooling. It's always interesting to see their take on it. My daughter loves having her guinea pigs and our dog involved with her schooling. lol!

  4. My boys were in Public School for a few years, and I also love the change in focus, their improved happiness, self esteem and the pleasure they find in their tailor made education!

  5. I like the list of what your kids love about homeschooling. It is encouraging when we can see that the kids see benefits to our choices.


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