Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Recipe #5 - Creamy Tuscan Bean & Chicken Soup

This is by far my favorite recipe to date.  I'll be adding this to the family recipe book that I compile.  Everyone except my finickyest eater really liked the soup.

I did unwittingly make a minor modification - the recipe calls for two cans of Cream of Celery soup.  I thought I bought two, but my pantry says otherwise.  So, I used one can Cream of Celery and one Can Cream of Chicken.  I thought this worked out really well.  The celery taste was present but not overwhelming.  Also, I didn't add as much spinach as is called for.  My men don't like spinach so I chopped it up pretty fine and only added about a third.  It added some really nice color, but didn't change the taste.

Isn't it pretty?  This is something I would serve to company as well as a quick dish for family.

Sprinkle a little cheese on here and it's good to go!

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  1. That looks sooo yummy! I love soup! My name is Laura, and I am a new follower! I found you on Voice Boks Friends following friends. You have a great blog!

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