Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - 14 in a Blink

Middle son turned 14 this weekend! I can't believe it.  When did this happen?  He was just a tiny, tiny baby only a few years ago, right?  He came into the world a fighter - having been through an emergecy c-sect to deliver him a month early.  He seemed so fragile then.  Now he's 14, as tall as I am, so smart and with a big heart.  I love him!


  1. Happy Birthday to your handsome son! I was thought the years went by too fast and then once I had kids they seem even faster. I am just trying to enjoy every moment.

  2. so true. My boy is 14 also. He'll be getting his permit in a few short months! :( Dina

  3. Time just flies by, Isn't? Especially moms never know it until kids are ready to stand on their legs...;)

    Wordless Wednesday with Liya

  4. Isn't it amazing how they start out so small and before you know it they are bigger than you are!! Happy Birthday to your son =) He's very handsome!!


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