Friday, October 22, 2010

Monday Memoir - Week 4

Welcome to Monday Memoir Week 4 – thank you for reading and for participating!

Post your responses weekly to the memoir questions, and you too can assemble a set of memories for your children and grandchildren to cherish for years to come. Of course, if assembling isn’t your thing, then just join as we enjoy the walk down memory lane.

Here are this week’s questions:

Did it snow much when you were a child - tell something about it, what did you do?

Did you and your father share any interests together - what and why?

1. Did it snow much when you were a child - tell something about it, what did you do?

Did it snow? Well, I grew up in Colorado and Wyoming, so, yes, it snowed. There were times when it felt like the snow would never end. We could get A LOT of snow. I remember loving snow as a child. It was fun to play in! When I grew up, I didn't like snow much anymore. First, I didn't like being cold. Second, I didn't like paying the heating bill to keep it warm inside.

When I was in elementary in Wyoming, I went to a prep school on the campus where my father worked. During the winter, they would take us skiing for a series of Fridays. What a hoot! I remember really enjoying those ski trips. We got out of school and we got to ski - very cool! I also remember that my mom always bought me one McDonald's orange juice to take with me in my lunch. It never lasted long enough. Why didn't I get a soda? Geesh! :-)

I also remember enjoying winter as a teen. After getting my driver's liscense, there was very little that was as fun as doing donuts on the ice! Wee! (I probably shouldn't let my teens read this!)

Now that we live in NC, there isn't much snow. We do get it on occasion. In fact, a dusting will close down the town. lol Snow in small amounts is much more enjoyable and a whole lot cheaper, I do believe. I do wish we could at least get a small blizzard on Christmas.

2. Did you and your father share any interests together - what and why?

My father was and is a workaholic. So, it was always important for me to find ways to connect with him. He worked as an administrator for colleges while I grew up. I remember writing a report about Pell Grants when I was in middle school. I also did an investigation into college financial aid for a report in high school. Anything so I could interview Dad. I also remember him being a weekend warrior (National Guard). I always woke up with him around 5:00am so that we could sit at the table and talk before he headed out for the weekend.

Now, we have a lot more in common. We are both educators at heart. I work in colleges teaching online, so we have much to discuss when we talk on the phone. He's always my go-to person when I have to comiserate about school policies or student issues. I do wish we lived closer! Him being in Colorado and us being here in NC makes for quite a distance. However, we do enjoy the visits when we can.

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