Friday, October 22, 2010

What about ME?

This week’s TOS Blog Cruise asks – How do you find free time? Is it ok to take time for yourself? If so, how?
I wasn’t sure I was even going to respond to this particular question. I’m not good at taking time for myself. It’s definitely a failing of mine. However, I figured, there are probably plenty of moms out there like me that forget to include “me” time into their hectic lives.

There are a few things I do do. I take Taekwondo with my boys. While this is part of our homeschool, I enjoy it as well and feel accomplishment doing it with them. We enjoy going to the classes together. I’m better able to motivate them because I’m doing it right along with them. The exercise is great, which is something I’m bad about getting on my own.

I know I spend WAY TOO MUCH time on the computer. It really is an escape. I can hunt for interesting facts, look at what activities are going on in the homeschooling community, do a crossword, or play a game. Really, though, it’s not fulfilling. I need to find a hobby that lets me enjoy life without being tied to the computer screen.
Lately, we’ve been disc golfing. Again, not “me” time per say, but it is fun and relaxing. All of us can disc golf no matter our skill level. It’s just keep throwing the Frisbee until you get to the target.
I hope to take up knitting. I’ve always wanted to knit. It’s something I can do with my hands. I need my hands busy at all times. The only issue is finding someone to teach me. Perhaps, that will be my New Year’s resolution – find a knitting teacher.

How do you find “me” time?

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