Sunday, October 31, 2010

Volunteering Our Time

This week's blog cruise asks: What are some volunteerism opportunities that your family has participated in?

We always try to include volunteerism in our homeschool. This past year we were very active at the Carolina Waterfowl Rescue. Here they provide a safe haven for waterfowl in our area that have been outcast or injured. We closed the rescue weekly on Tuesday nights and fell in love with many of the animals that have become permanent residents as they can no longer live in the wild. Based on our schedule for this year, we can no longer do this, but we are seeking other avenues for weekly volunteerism.

In addition to our time at the rescue, for the last three years we have been delivering Meals on Wheels. This is a monthly activity where we get to deliver meals to those who cannot get out of the home on their own. We developed several friendships. The boys have their “favorite” deliveries that we look forward to each time.

Finally, the boys will be participating in Teen Court next year. They will sit on a jury as peers of the accused (who must admit guilt) and help determine the best remediation for the crime. The purpose of this Court is to help young members of society learn from their actions and develop into productive citizens rather than staying in a life of crime.

How does your homeschool volunteer?

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